Introduction of Adventures of a Midwestern Girl in Sunny, Sunny California

Hello Friends! Well my first step at maintaining lines of communication is complete. I’m actually updating my web page as new and interesting things occur in my life. And finally there is something new to report. I have a new job! Read on to hear about it.

My cat page has been updated, too. Click here.

The New Job

After two years working at Dr. Kawachi’s office, my last day was November 20th. Despite the fact that the job was not what I wanted to do with my life, and I was REALLY ready to move on, leaving was harder than I thought it would be. I definitely don’t miss the job, but Dr. Kawachi was really a great lady and it was great to work with her. But, just like Scarecrow, I miss Gracie most of all.


Dr. Kawachi brought Gracie to work every day. She is the sweetest dog and a great stress reliever. If ever I was having a bad day, I could spend a few minutes scratching her ears or taking her for a walk and it made things better. Not many offices have dogs in them, but more definitely should.

Having left that job, I started at LucasArts as a file clerk in their Business Affairs Department. My first day was November 23rd. I had to sign papers stating that I would not make any public statements about the company, so I won’t. However, it is a great place to work, with great benefits and parties. And, with any luck, the rumors of promotion-from-within are true.

Thanksgiving Feast

One of the aforementioned benefits of my new job was the free Thanksgiving turkey. I brought it home my first day and the smallest I could get was 20 pounds.

Anne with Huge Turkey

I cooked it up, along with a lot of other food, on Thanksgiving Day. I haven’t gotten those pictures developed yet, but will post them when I do. I did, however, managed to get a picture of my cats enjoying their giblets.

Ezra and Cassady Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Even with all three of us eating the bird, it lasted a long time.

Jose and Mandy’s Wedding Continued

I finally got my second roll of film developed and wanted to share just a few more pictures with the world. As I said previously, the wedding was a great opportunity to see some friends from college. Some of my favorite people in the world on shown here.

IWU Alums at Jose and Mandy's Wedding

And then there were just so many of us Wesleyan alums that we could barely fit in one picture.

IWU Alums at Jose and Mandy's Wedding

Berkeley Repertory Theatre Winter Wonderland Ball

Early in December BRT had our Holiday Extravaganza. It was pretty fun, with an ’80’s theme. I even got Jesse out on the dance floor to groove to the rockin’ beat. And, Jesse was crowned Snow King! Unfortunately, I was not Snow Queen. I was robbed! Robbed, I tell you! Anyway, here we are in our groovy duds.

Jesse and Anne at Berkeley Repertory Theatre Holiday Party

Home for Christmas

Thanks once again to, I managed to get back to Illinois, this time for holiday festivities. I saw Greg and Colleen, my brother and sister-in-law twice while I was there. Congratulations to Greg for his brand new Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Don’t try to ask me what he does. I don’t have a clue and, when he tries to explain it to me, my eyes glaze over. I also saw Dave, Mang, and Jae while I was there. I didn’t take any pictures, so there are none. But, it was great talking things over with Dave and Jae. Mang was too consumed with Zelda to do much talking. My family exchanged gifts and I got some great loot. My wardrobe had become stale and I’ve had fun wearing my new clothes.

Better yet, Reilly the wonder dog came by for a visit Christmas morning. As you may remember from the last installment, although my parents adopted him years ago, he actually has three families that he lives with now. Christmas morning with the kids must have proven too much for him, because he just showed up and didn’t want to go. We tried to get him to go when it was time for us to leave for our own Christmas event at my Uncle Ed’s, but none of the other families was home and it was really cold out. So, after my pouting looks and verbal concern, my parents decided to let him stay in the sun room for the day and prayed he wouldn’t wreak too much havoc. He was perfectly well behaved, but left that night and I didn’t see him again that visit.

For the rest of it. . .

things continue pretty well. The new job is great and I’m happy even with the greatly expanded commute (did I mention Dr. Kawachi’s office was only two blocks from my house?) which now stands at 45 minutes. I will continue to update my web page, especially when the roll of film in my camera is developed, so check back again.

By the way, Jose and Mandy won the honor of naming my web page. They’re far more creative than I am.