Cassady gets to keep her tail!

Well, as reported last time, Cassady fractured her tail. However, it wasn’t as bad as the vet had feared. Although it is still paralyzed at the tip, Cassady is able to lift her tail high enough in the air to keep it clean, and the vet said there was no reason to take it off. YEAH! As you can see, she’s able to keep it much higher than she could in the last picture you saw of her.


However, Cassady is my vet bill waiting to happen. She has always had allergies. A few months after I got her, she developed a flea bite dermatitis. Okay, so keep fleas off of her, right? Well, things have gotten worse. The vet thinks she may have another kind of allergy, too. Possibly a food allergy. Whatever it is, her belly has gone bald. In fact, I’ve started noticing bald spots developing on her fore arms recently. To make matters worse, she also has feline acne. Yes, acne. As it is a bacterial infection under her chin, I’ve taken to washing her with an anti-bacterial shampoo (which I purchased from Drs. Foster and Smith. I’m telling you, everything you could possibly want for your pet.) every evening, twice a day when she has a break out. And, yes, she absolutely LOVES this. Actually, as in all things she is pretty well-behaved.

Anne washing Cassady's chin

Now, before you think I’m not taking appropriate care of her, I will point out that I continue to take her to the vet, who continues to assure me it is all allergy related. However, pinpointing that allergy is a problem. We may have to try her on some special (i.e. expensive) food that consists of something she’s never eaten before, like venison. Of course, since Cassady will not be allowed to eat anything other than her special food, this means Ezra will have to eat it, too, doubling the expense of the food. Oh well. They are my babies. For now, the vet recently gave her a cortisone shot to take down the inflammation, and I am giving her a Prednisone pill every morning for two weeks.

Nothing is really new with Ezra. He’s my healthy mutt cat, thank god! However, I think I did make him an addict for a while. I had a few herbs in a planter in my apartment. One of them was catnip. I never noticed the cats around the plants, and the catnip was growing, so I didn’t think much about it. However, I took it out to water it one day and noticed that many of the stems had been chewed away. When Ezra was out of the room, I moved it to the one place in the apartment that the cats can’t reach. Upon entering the room, Ezra immediately noticed that the nip was not where he had left it. Almost as quickly, he located it and started trying to figure out a way to get at it. Needless to say, I’ve moved the plant outside, and Ezra has calmed down a little bit. This is kind of an old picture, but it is so cute, I had to put it up.

Ezra with stuffed animals

This picture shows exactly what I had hoped would happen when I adopted Ezra. I was sure he and Cassady would be the best of friends. Unfortunately, this picture is a bit misleading. The angle is such that you can’t see the extra several inches between them. Also, quiet moments like this are very few and far between. I think I just got lucky because they were trying out the new sofa my parents had brought out for me. At any rate, I think it’s just an adorable picture and it gives me hope for the future.

Cassady and Ezra

I do have a bit of sad news to report. About a month ago, Reilly the wonder dog had to be put to sleep. He was an old dog and had terrible arthritis. I’d noticed at Christmas how hard it was for him to get up and that he seldom bent his knees as he walked. Apparently, it had gotten worse. When he could get up, he would also lose bladder control. So, one of his families took him to the vet. It is sad, but Reilly had a great life, with three families (with three dinners) who loved him. And he was old. I am just grateful he came to visit when I was in Illinois at Christmas so I could have a good snuggle with him. I’m sure you can tell he had me wrapped around his paw.

Reilly and Anne

In Reilly’s memory, I will leave the picture of him and Cosette up until my next installment.

Cosette and Reilly