Lucasfilm Fourth of July Picnic

Many months ago, at the beginning of July, Papa Lucas threw his annual July 4th bash. It is meant to be a family affair, with each employee bringing his or her family and a homemade dish to pass. Traditional picnic games are played, like the three legged race, and it is basically good, wholesome American fun. However, it is apparently the same every year. As this was my first July working for LucasArts, I had not gone through the day before, but I’ve been told you can set your watch by it: boat races at 2, egg toss at 2:30, and so on. Personally, I had a very good time. I brought a very nice German potato salad and spent the day eating and talking to friends while sitting in the sun taking in the beautiful Skywalker Ranch. And I played some games.

As the afternoon drew to a close, Steve and I decided to enter the egg toss. I don’t know why, but it seems the prospect of throwing an egg at your friends and loved ones is very popular, because there were a lot of entrants in this game. Here I am holding the precious cargo before we began.

Anne ready for the egg toss

Steve and I managed to stay in the running for the first four or five turns before the egg broke. Luckily (or disappointingly), it didn’t get on either of us. My depth perception is not the best in the world, so I threw the egg a bit short of Steve. And, though he ran to catch it, we were out.

Shortly afterwards, we were getting ready to go. There was only one more activity left and the thought of the mass exodus of people onto the winding mountain road tempted us to leave a wee bit early. However, as we cross the field, a voice called out my name. Tug-o-war teams were forming, and a team of LucasArts women needed just one more burly dame. And they chose me. Saying to hell with the traffic, I was in.

I took a position close to the front for the first match. But the lady up front had on very stylish sandals that gave no support whatsoever. She kicked her shoes off halfway through, but we were lost. Thankfully, we had a match to determine the third place team. I took the front position for this battle. Digging my Nikes into the ground I tugged and tugged like I’d never tugged before. Not an inch of ground fell before me as we hauled on that rope.

Anne in a tug o' war

Anne in a tug o' war

When victory came, it was sweet.

Victorious in the tug o' war

I was feeling particularly strong and hearty. I was the king of the world! And, as if that didn’t beat all, out team got a third place ribbon!

Anne with the tug o' war ribbon

And the fact that there were only four women’s teams didn’t diminish the achievement one bit. Now the ribbon hangs proudly in my cubicle at work.