Me and Jose in the Land

On February 5, I received an e-mail from my college buddy, Jose. He was going to be in L.A. the following weekend and wanted to know if I could make it down to Southern California. A hasty trip was planned, and Steve and I flew down to L.A. the following Sunday. We met Jose that morning at Disneyland.

The very first thing Jose and I did was have our picture taken with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Anne and Jose at Disneyland

Jose and I spent a good deal of the day chasing Steve around the park. Steve has crowd navigation down to an art form. And he is a really speedy walker. So, Jose and I just had to get used to the fact that Steve was always about 10 feet ahead of us. One of the most memorable experiences of the trip was Jose’s dicey encounter with Tigger. Always the bad-ass, Jose sauntered up to Tigger and pulled his tail. Well, Tigger did not take kindly to this abuse and he used his power as a celebrity and a tiger to discipline Jose. Taking him firmly by his ear, Tigger pulled Jose over to a bench in the corner of the room. Jose had to sit there and think about what he had done.

Jose with Tigger

Jose did try to get up a few times, but Tigger always saw him and returned him to his seat in the corner. Then another unruly youth started to pull Tigger’s tail. He was promptly brought over to sit by Jose. In spite of the rowdy antics going on, Steve and I were able to get our pictures taken with Tigger, too.

Anne with Tigger

Steve with Tigger

In addition to these celebrity sightings, Steve and I also got to meet Pooh and Eeyore, respectively.

Steve with Winnie the Pooh

Anne with Eeyore

The rest of our day at Disneyland was spent taking in the sights and finding rides that were still running in the slight February drizzle.

Anne and Jose on the Peter Pan ride

Jose communing with Mr. Toad

This was, I believe, Jose’s first visit to Disneyland and I think he had a good time. I know I did and it was wonderful to see him again.

Part of our plan for this impromptu trip lay in Steve’s and my desire to spend the following day, Valentine’s Day, in the park together. And so we did. Of course the fact that it was Valentine’s Day didn’t mean that I didn’t still spend the day chasing after Steve. What it did mean was that we got to eat at the Blue Bayou for both lunch and dinner!

Anne and Steve at the Blue Bayou

This was also the first time I ever road Space Mountain. The first time we went on it was right after lunch. After our stomachs settled again, we got back in line and rode it three more times. It may be a little wet at Disneyland in the middle of February, but you certainly won’t be spending a lot of time standing in line! Here Steve and I are getting ready for my favorite ride: Splash Mountain, in Critter Country.

Anne and Steve on Splash Mountain

And here I am sporting my rainy-day gear.

Anne in Tigger safari hat

Another birthday and a new hair cut straight ahead.