Holy Crap! A New Entry on Midwesterngirl.com?

I know this will probably send people into fits, but finally, a mere 4 years after the last update to my Web site, I am finally getting back in gear. Time has been in exceedingly short supply the last few years between work, school, our volunteer work at WildCare, and more work. There never seemed to be enough time to update my Web site the way I wanted to, particularly when I was hand-coding it. As my friend Vera puts it, I like the crunchy code. I’ve never really liked programs that do the coding for you. But then, it’s been 4 years. The emergence of blogging technology has changed things. The fact is, this Web site has always been a blog. I’ve been blogging since before there were blogs! But now it’s much easier to keep it up. The intent of this blog is to keep friends and family current on Steve’s and my goings-on in small, easily-digestible niblets of information. No more the lengthy multi-page updates that I only got to once a year. Ha ha! Now you can catch up with us on, what I hope will be, an at least once weekly basis. Especially since Steve and I plan to share the blogging.

I also have a “professional” blog that deals with access to government information, government effect on access to information, copyright news, etc. If you are interested in such things, head on over. I’m also looking for suggestions on what to call that particular blog. Throwing the door open for suggestions back in 1998 worked very well when Jose came threw with my “Adventures” title, so I’m throwing it open again. If you have any suggestions for my gov info blog, let me know.

And, if you don’t know how to use an rss aggregator for more easily keeping up with our exploits, just let me know and I’ll introduce you to this handy tool.