A Birthday Tribute for My Mother

Sorry if those last two posts were harsher than expected. I wasn’t sure I should post them, but then I thought that anyone reading this already knows that I have strong opinions. Then, on the way home Friday, Steve made some comment about the blog becoming a political launchpad. I will keep such things few and far between.

And so, onto the regular programming, I offer this comic strip that Steve sent me earlier this week.


He didn’t need to explain it at all and I just burst out laughing. You see, we truly enjoy it when my parents come to visit. We enjoy doing things with them. We enjoy their company and it gives us an opportunity to do things we don’t normally do. But, from the moment a trip is planned, my mom starts saying stuff like “you don’t have to entertain us” and “we don’t want to be any trouble”. Anytime I ask if there’s something they’d like to do/see during their visit or if I dare to suggest an outing, I hear “you don’t have to entertain us”.

I often respond that we could just sit around and stare at each other if she’d like. At any rate, this comic reminds me of the ‘rents and brought a smile to my face.

And since today is my mother’s birthday, it seems like a suitable tribute. Happy birthday, Mom!