A Wild Night of Karaoke

Steve and I went to karaoke last Saturday night with some WildCare friends. I don’t know why, exactly, but I always get so nervous at auditions and karaoke. I always take myself way too seriously. In this case, perhaps it had to do with the expectations my friends had for me. They saw me last spring when I played Julie in a community theatre production of Carousel. I guess it made a good impression since people said beforehand they just wanted to see me get up on stage.

I also had way too many margaritas at the Mexican place we met at for dinner. By the time we got to the bar, I was already feeling the need to sober up.

And again, as usual, after I got up on stage the first time, my nerves dissipated and I wanted to go again. Unfortunately, by that time there were a lot of people in front of me and I didn’t get called again before Steve and I had to leave.

Anne on stage

Lookit my virtual back-up dancers!

Anne on screen

Friendly Captain Canada seemed to suffer no ill nervous effects and hammed it up beautifully with a Shatner-esque rendition of Rocket Man. Everyone in the bar simply LOVED it. He was the hit of the evening.

David Shatnerizing

While we did manage to get most of the ladies on stage for a group number (These Boots Were Made for Walking), I was a bit disappointed with the scarcity of our group up on stage. Our group simply kept it too quiet and, of course, Steve didn’t go up at all.

The ladies singing

The ladies dancing

Nevertheless, the drinks flowed freely and everyone seemed to have good time.

Marian and Mary

Melanie and Marian

Melanie, Marian, Mary, and Anne

I did come to the conclusion that a bar is not really my ideal karaoke scene. The songs I would choose are not the songs that go over all that well at bars. Personally, I think I’d have a better time if we got together with a karaoke DVD and skipped the crowds. Until then, I think I’ll stick to singing in my car.

Unfortunately, it looks like even that may be fraught with peril these days.