Raccoons in the News

Oh those wacky raccoons. They can cause trouble.

Steve pointed me to this story about a raccoon in Cyprus who caused a major power outage after surviving an 11,000 volt electric shock. Poor fella is facing deportation!

And Melanie supplied this fine example of a stupid human getting exactly what he deserved. This dufus set his own house on fire trying to “encourage” a momma racoon and her babies to leave his attic. I particularly love the fact that, when asked if, knowing how it turned out, he would do the same thing again, the moron said yes. Answers like that make me think the fire department should charge him for putting out the fire he set.

The baby raccoons were rescued by the firemen and sent to a wildlife center.

I also find it amusing that the animal control person was catching these harmless babies with a terribly professional-looking catchpole, especially when the firemen were just snuggling them a few shots earlier. Although I know rabies is pretty prevalent in eastern raccoons, my theory is that this person knew she was going to be on video tape and decided to do things as by-the-book as possible.