Choosing to Dwell on the Positive Memories

I remember. . .

Driving with my parents down to Charleston, IL to see my brother in an original musical at Eastern Illinois University. It was a show with three characters: Adam, Eve, and the snake. My brother played the snake with sly, sinister savvy.

Traveling to Virginia to see my brother’s show at Busch Gardens. He sang and danced in the German-themed Oktoberfest show. I watched that show over and over again, getting selected by my brother and his performer friends every time they grabbed audience members for a polka. This is the only reason I can sing along today to Ein Prosit at any German festival.

Singing a karaoke duet with my brother at his wedding reception. My performance sucked (and there is, unfortunately, video to prove it) but it was a fun night.

Dancing with my Dad at my wedding while my brother tossed out “encouragement” such as “Cut a rug, Walter”.

And I am very thankful that our whole family was together for my parent’s 40th anniversary party in October.