Hawaii Vacation Day 9 – Snorkeling and Cruising

Tuesday 11/20/07

Up again today before dawn for the snorkeling trip I had scheduled to Molokini Crater. In those last moments before the alarm went off, I was dreaming that we had overslept and were going to miss the trip. Even in my dream, Steve wasn’t nearly as upset by the prospect as I was. But off the alarm went and we were out the door by 6am to drive to the boat dock. Unfortunately, due to the trade winds and choppy seas, we were unable to go to Molokini after all. Instead, they took us to their alternate site, a place called Coral Gardens. I don’t blame the tour group; every other boat out that day was going to an alternate location. It couldn’t be helped, but it was a bit of a disappointment. Molokini is supposed to be so great for snorkeling and it is a far way off the coast of Maui. Coral Gardens had decent snorkeling, but it was only a few miles up the coast from the dock and was within view of the highway we had driven to get to the dock.

Oh well, I really shouldn’t complain; we obviously don’t have things too tough.



And we did get to see a small octopus there! I tried very hard to get a picture of it swimming, but it only moved twice from one rock to another where it would settle in to look just like the rest of the rocks. It was pretty neat, though, because it changed color to a dark tone while swimming, and immediately back to a mottled pink to blend in with the rocks. If I didn’t see it moving, I would have thought it was just another rock.




Day 9 – Part 2

Yesterday, during our day of relaxation in Lahaina, Steve and I booked a sunset cocktail cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation. It seemed like a nice relaxing thing to do. Of course, that meant only a short rest between the snorkel trip and leaving for the sunset cruise, but Steve still got a short nap in while I typed up the first part of this entry.

The sunset cruise was absolutely lovely. While it was advertised as an appetizer cruise, the food was substantial and delicious, and Steve and I didn’t need anything else for dinner. The Mai Tais were loaded generously with rum and the sunset was beautiful. (Check out my fancy new Aloha shirt!)



One thing about drinking Mai Tais on a ship is, when you walk and stumble a little bit, it’s hard to know if it’s the rum or the waves at the root of the problem. I think it was probably a little bit of both, honestly. I’m really glad we signed up for this cruise; it was a wonderful way to spend an evening.