Hawaii Vacation Day 10 – Maui’s Northwest Coast

Wednesday 11/21/07

Today we went to the last part of the island we were going to be able to explore – the northwest side. We started out by stopping at Honolua Bay for some good views of the coast and to watch the surfers do their thing. It was surprisingly fun to watch.




We had nearly reached one of our two main destinations for the day when Steve realized we were almost out of gas. There isn’t much in the way of towns or services that far up the coast, so we had to turn around and had back almost all the way to our condo, pulling into the gas station on fumes. Fortunately, while the road was windy, we were only about 10 miles up the road when we saw the gas gauge.

Back out on the road, we made our way back up to Nakalele Blowhole. It had rained pretty heavily just a few minutes before we got there, as well as much of the night before, so we decided to observe the blowhole from up the hill rather than slide down to it. There was another group down at the blowhole and one dumbass among them kept trying to sidle up to the blowhole and look down into it between waves. We kept expecting to catch a picture of him being sucked down to send in to the local newspaper. Fortunately for him, the guy had luck on his side and he managed to escape without injury.


Our final stop on the road was the Olivine Pools, so named by the authors of “the book”. These were beautiful. In spite of our better judgement, we did slide our way down the hill toward these pools. I spent some of the time on my butt, but once we got closer, the footing got rockier and was easier to manage. On a dry day, this wouldn’t have been any trouble to get to.




The waves were a bit rough, so we didn’t go into the pools for a soak, but I did make my way down the final way in order to rinse the worst of the mud from my shoes in preparation for the hike back up. The water was wonderful.


At the parking area, we had met a woman named Vanessa who we hiked down with. This was very fortunate as we were able to swap picture-taking efforts with each other in this remote location. I would love to make it back to these pools again someday.