If it’s not Scottish…it’s CRAP!!

Our Scottish fold kitty H.B. is extrememly picky about her food. When I dish out the cats’ evening squishies, H.B. refuses to eat it the majority of the time. Sometimes she takes a quick sniff and starts to “bury” it. Other times she doesn’t even bother to sniff it first.

There doesn’t appear to be any real predictability to her displeasure, other than its near constant presence. One night she’ll practically work a hole in the carpet trying to cover it up and the next night she’ll happily eat a small portion of the same thing.

Steve and I laugh about this, but have been unable to name the cause of her revulsion. Until now. Frankly, I don’t know why it didn’t come to me earlier.

H.B. is a Scottish fold and I’m feeding her American (possibly Canadian, hopefully not Chinese) cat food. At any rate, I can say with some confidence that it does not come from Scotland. And, as we all know, If it’s not Scottish…it’s CRAP!!.


Now, does anyone know where I can find some haggis flavored cat food?

Listen to Stuart Rankin!.