Spring Comes to WildCare

After a very slow start to the year, spring has finally arrived at WildCare. As soon as the first batch of ducklings arrive, you know all hell is about to break loose. Said first ducklings showed up last week, and we got our second batch on Sunday during our shift, as well as many other animals.


Within a 20 minute span, we had 4 animals come in that had been caught by a cat. 2 of them didn’t make it. I love cats. Some of my best friends are cats. But please keep them inside if you can. They are a murderous bunch if you are the wrong size.

One of our poor feline-attack victims was an adorable baby fox squirrel. I am biased and think that raccoons are the cutest wild babies we get, but squirrels are an extremely close second.


The squirrel made it through Sunday, by the way. I won’t know until our next shift how he does after that.