I Just A-Wanna, I Just A-Wanna

I would certainly never say that the parties are the best part of going to an SLA conference (after all, I want to keep being allowed to go by my employer), but they are a good time.

I started out the party part of the conference with the Wiley karaoke party on Sunday night at the Experience Music Project. What fun! I sang 2 songs: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Heard it Through the Grapevine. There were some good singers, some entertaining ones, and some REALLY bad karaoke, but the crowd was always friendly and it was so cool how many people got up on stage. The party ended before everyone who put their name in to sing got called. If you think you want to sing a song, but don’t want to go first, just wait until the first set of name slips are given to the DJ and then turn yours in. They go in order and if you wait too long, by the time you see what fun it is/drink enough courage, you’ll be shut out.

I didn’t think there were all that many people at the party – it seemed like just a couple hundred people at a conference that registered over 5,000 – but for the rest of the conference 2-3 strangers a day made a “nice singing” type of comment. Oh, how fragile reputations are. But then, some of these folks aren’t strangers anymore, so connections were made, and I like being known as someone who knows how to have a good time and who will take a risk.