Everyone Needs a Bath Sometime

This is my sixth year doing raccoon foster care for WildCare but last weekend I got to do something I hadn’t done before: give a raccoon a bath!

We have a little singleton raccoon who came in about 2 weeks ago. He’s the guy we got the message about after we got back from Santa Cruz. Anyway, he has to be on quarantine for 2 weeks before getting put with other raccoons to be sure he doesn’t have distemper. When he came in, he was dirty and flea-ridden. We killed the fleas, but without a family to groom him, he was still dirty and covered in flea-dirt. So, he needed a bath!

Fortunately, he is still really small and easy to handle. Frankly, it was rather fun to get him all sudsed-up and then have Steve rinse him off with a little water from the hose. His fur felt so clean afterward and he hasn’t been scratching nearly as much as before.





He’s scheduled to get a new sister this weekend. After our shift at WildCare last Sunday, Steve went to someone’s house to rescue a baby raccoon that was stranded under the floorboards. Originally he thought he was going to have to cut into the floor to get her, which the homeowner was okay with, but Steve was fortunately able to squeeze his lithe frame under the floor and grab the little orphan.

Due to their respective circumstances, she’s at a lesser risk of having any illness than our boy was, so she’s coming to our house this weekend after a one-week quarantine. This is good because our little man needs a friend in a big way.