A Photo Tour of Middle Tennessee

Steve and I needed something to entertain ourselves as we toodled around TN over our Christmas visit. We decided to capture anything that caught our attention, looking for visions that were, perhaps, representative of a different way of life than the one we’re used to. Nothing like a little caustic sarcasm to say “Merry Christmas!”


As Steve said, “Flaming skulls are cool. . .”


Hey Betty Sue, can I take your 5-year-old for a motorcycle ride? I have this adult helmet she can wear. Don’t worry if it’s so big she can barely hold her head up. That’s just extra protection!


Now the entire town can drink and bathe in holy water!


With such a flare for marketing, why in the world are the stores in this MALL closing?


Does this really need a caption?


I was surprised at the lack of signs advising me that I am going to Hell this year. I usually see a good 5 or 6 of them. Alas, all I could find was this big sign on the side of the interstate. I wonder, are these the only 6 they could remember? Or just the most important ones?