Mmmmm. . . Delicious. . .

The concept of the “booth babe” has been familiar to me since 1999 when I got an Expo pass and went to the E3 convention in L.A. for the first time. These are the beautiful women who are hired to work at trade shows to lure attendees into the booths for specific companies/products. I was very amused by the sexy and scantily clad women I saw at E3, which is a predominantly male-geek-dominated trade show.

Alas, the library conferences I have attended since then have been, shockingly, barren of booth babes.

Perhaps this should be re-thought.

My “contact” at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco today sent me pictures of the Delicious Monster booth. They were promoting their new Delicious Library software for cataloging books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games. Honestly, what other choice did they have than to employ the Sexy Librarian booth babes?

As their web site says, “Visit our Delicious Librarians in Booth 2602”.


I appreciate the sexy librarian as much as anyone else, possibly more. But I have to say, I think there would be an issue if I showed up to work one day dressed like this.