Fortunately, We Were Upwind

Yesterday, Steve and I went for a short hike at Olompali State Park. It had been such a gorgeous weekend and we just had to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine.  As we were hiking around a bend, Steve stopped me and pointed out 2 turkey vultures sitting on a fence about 50 feet ahead of us.  They had their wings outstretched soaking up a bit of sun themselves.

Turkey Vulture 01

Turkey Vulture 02

As I snuck closer to get better pictures, a third turkey vulture flew overhead and landed next to the other 2. 

Turkey Vulture 03

Turkey Vulture 04

This was obviously prime real estate: a great place to catch the sun as well as having a fantastic vantage point of the field in front of them.

Turkey Vulture 06

This was the direction we had to hike to get back to our car, so we were going to have to disturb them eventually. I crept ever closer, taking more pictures every few feet.

One of the vultures took off when I was about 15 feet away. 

Turkey Vulture 11

The other 2 left as I got within 10 feet.

Turkey Vulture 07

Turkey Vulture 08

Turkey Vulture 09

Turkey Vulture 10

Turkey Vulture 12

Turkey Vulture 14

Perhaps not quite as cool as if there had been a line of hawks perched on the fence, or a mountain lion lounging under a tree, but pretty neat nonetheless.  Respect the Turkey Vulture!

Turkey Vulture 13

Turkey Vulture 15