I Can Grudgingly Admit Marin Has a Few Perks

We should have spent last Saturday repairing and remodeling our foster care raccoon cage before the season hits us between the eyes. Instead, we took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather and the relatively rare lack of fog and low clouds in southern Marin to go on a hike.¬†And I don’t regret it one bit.

As we were driving up the mountain, we came to an overlook of the bay that was really cool and pretty much shows what happens to San Francisco in Summer. That’s not snow down below, but a vast thick swath of fog flowing over the bay and into southern Marin and the City through the Golden Gate.






Actually, I do regret one thing: not getting started a bit earlier. We didn’t know the weather was going to be so awesome, so we didn’t plan on going on a hike. We just decided late in the morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite take into account the driving time to our chosen hike.¬†Since we had an appointment at 4pm that afternoon, we had to abbreviate the distance of our hike a bit, but we did make it to Cataract Falls on Mount Tam and ate lunch next to the rushing water. It was marvelous.