Cider Ho!

I was so very excited to be heading out to Cider Summit SF a couple of weekends ago! The first one in the Bay Area was in 2014, but Steve and I missed that due to a pre-planned trip. Once I found out about it last spring, I put it on my calendar to start keeping an eye out for it in January. All spring, people kept trying to add things to my calendar, but I knew April 25th was off limits!

Finally the day arrived and it had me chanting “Cider Summit! Cider Summit! Cider Summit!” as Steve finished getting ready. As we pulled out of the driveway, I exclaimed “Cider Ho!”, to which Steve replied, “why yes, you are”. He referred to me as a Cider Ho a couple more times during the day. Thanks sweetie. . .

Anne at Cider Summt SF 2015

The tickets for the summit came with 10 tasting tickets each, so Steve and I were able to sample at least 20 varieties between us, plus the couple pre-taster samplings we had and the additional five tickets we purchased.

There were ciders from all over the world there, and we particularly liked the Thistly Cross options from Scotland. The wonderful man at the booth bestowed upon us a nice full “Scottish Pour”, and explained that the Scots tend to like their cider on the sweet side, so all of his were sweet. That sounded just great to me, and we really enjoyed the Ginger, Elderflower, and Whisky Cask varieties.

Steve and Anne at Cider Summit SF 2015

Prior to heading to the summit, I had printed out the list of cider makers and the various options they would be sampling; as we walked around, we made notes on the list about which we particularly liked. My rankings were basically “too dry”, “OK”, “good”, “yes”, and “Hell Yes!”. After a few hours of sampling, we were ready to make our first round of purchases.

Standing in line, I got a kick out of the ladies behind us discussing in detail which ciders they really liked and were planning to purchase. After about five minutes of listening to them, I finally turned around and told them that I loved how serious they were about their cider selections. They laughed and commented on my own list with notes. Meanwhile, ahead of us the young hipsters making their own purchases were trying to remember which ciders they liked, trying in vain to describe the logos to the salespeople and sending one of their party running off to look at the booth. Steve and I and the two ladies all laughed at the amateurs.

In addition to the Thistly Cross ciders, Steve and I also brought home:
Ace Pineapple
La Face Cachee de la Pomme Neige Premiere Apple Ice Wine
Reverend Nat’s Tepache
Sonoma Cider Washboard
William’s Excalibur

We also quite liked, but were unable to procure:
Crispin Prickly Pear
JK’s Farmhouse Ciders Winterruption
William’s Dragon’s Breath Ginger

Hooray for cider!

Steve and Anne at Cider Summit SF 2015


  1. It was a tough job, but as long as you like your cider sweet, you’ll be in good shape!

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