Elsa’s Legacy on the Giving Tree Continues

Elsa I still miss Elsa. I love Fergus, Jonas, and HB, and Missy in her time as well, but their existence is separate, not a replacement. Which is, I suppose, as it should be when remembering family members. Of course, I miss Ezra and Cassady, too, but there’s something about Elsa. Perhaps it was the way she died, of cancer so well before of time. At any rate, I continue to miss her.

Shortly after she died, Steve and I started talking about making a donation to the Marin Humane Society to get a commemorative leaf on their Giving Tree. But we got held up trying to encapsulate our feelings in the limited number of characters available on a leaf, so we let it sit a while. We came back to it at the end of last year and, with a little distance, were finally able to settle on appropriate wording.

I received an email last week that the leaf had been installed, so we stopped by this weekend to take a look.

Elsa's Leaf on the tree

Elsa's Leaf up close

The tree is, of course, placed right in the middle of the adoption center, so we had to take a minute to look at the adoptable felines. And, once again, I did what I always do – fall in love – proving once again that I would be completely unable to volunteer at a shelter. I couldn’t make it out of there without losing my emotional balance over a cat looking for a new home.

Jill is available for adoption! I have a very strong sense of fairness and injustice, and this cat’s circumstances were simply unfair. Jill is an 8-year-old cat who had been happily living her life companionably with other felines. All was right in her world. Then her family decided they wanted a puppy. Jill was afraid of the dog and started showing her increased stress level in the usual ways. So, the puppy got to stay and Jill was removed from the only home she’d ever known and brought to the shelter.

Such a douche move. I hope Grandma and Grandpa are taking notice of the ease with which older family members are sent to a “home”.

Anyway, we simply can’t adopt another kitty right now; HB is so much happier since Missy passed and she deserves to have as peaceful an old age as she can with Jonas and Fergus running around and, sometimes, over her. So, we did the next best thing and sponsored Jill so her adoption fees are pre-paid for anyone who wants to adopt her. I do hope she gets a fantastic new home very soon with someone in it for the long haul. She deserves it. And Elsa’s memory keeps making a difference for other kitties in need.