Having My Legs Knocked Out From Under Me

Rain was coming down pretty hard when I got up this morning for the sunrise, but it stopped just in time for me to head out to the shore. Unfortunately, the sunrise was pretty much a non-event, with far too many clouds on the horizon to allow much to be seen.

sunrise from the lanai

sunrise from the lanai

We had other plans for the day that involved heading to the North Shore for a couple of shoreline hikes, but I started feeling ill this morning, and we decided to shift things around on our schedule. I don’t know if it’s the result off yesterday’s sun, or a flu, or something I ate, but it was just not the day to spend on any kind of physical exertion. We were planning on a quiet hang-around-town day later in the trip, so we just moved it to today. It wasn’t really quite as simple as that because things like tide schedules and sea swells were factored into when we were going to do the shoreline hikes, but we’ll just have to make it work on another day.

So, today we walked around downtown Kapa’a a little bit and visited a few shops before having lunch at the Olympic Café. I started feeling worse after lunch and we decided it was best just to head back to the condo to rest. We were going to head to a tour of Coco Palms after a short lie-down, but I had heard someone talking about how demolition had started on the site in advance of the Hilton re-building it, so I was concerned. Although the tour web site is still up and running, I went to Yelp and, sure enough, the most recent reviews indicate that the tour is no longer running. Then I called the phone number on the web site to confirm and got a recorded message saying the tours were over. It sure would be nice if the web site was updated as well, but at least we found out before we drove down there. Instead, we napped longer, which was really just what I needed.

But I hated it. I am not the type to lie around while on vacation. It’s a waste of time. We should be out seeing things. While still not feeling 100%, I was better enough by the evening that we were at least able to head out for the slack-key guitar and ukulele concert we had bought tickets for. Doug and Sandy McMaster give four concerts every week around the island, proceeds going to various community projects, with the one on Wednesday night being held at All Saint’s Church in Kapa’a. This concert is held as a fundraiser to support the church’s project to restore their old pipe organ.

It was a lovely evening, with beautiful music in a small, intimate setting, along with personal stories and the history of slack-key guitar. I highly recommend the McMaster’s concerts as a lovely way to spend a peaceful evening. Going tonight also helped me feel like the day hadn’t been totally wasted.

Doug and Sandy McMaster