Arts & Crafts Day on the North Shore

It’s a rare day on Kaua’i that doesn’t include much in the way of photos, but today was a very low-key day.

We started the day with a drive over to the North Shore to go to the Hanalei Art & Farmer’s Market. The art portion was fairly small, but we did get a few lovely pieces of fruit to enjoy. Afterwards, we drove back towards Princeville for the Kauai Island Crafters’ Fair. This is held at The Church of the Pacific and is also pretty small. Definitely leaning more toward the craft side than the art side.

After lunch, we headed back to Hanalei to stroll around the town area and look in the shops. So far the only places to take our money today were some food vendors. With a couple of hours left before the start of the final fair of the day, we slipped over to Wai’oli Beach Park to lie down in the sand for a little while. Yes, folks, I willingly let Steve take a nap on vacation!

Steve napping on the beach

After our little rest, we headed over to the Kilauea Art Night. This was definitely the best of the art and craft fairs we’ve been to on Kaua’i. Whether or not to our taste, the materials were high quality and clearly made by the people we were speaking to. Although it was in a small area, it was positioned well and allowed for live music in one place and a DJ in another, creating totally different vibes. Lots of food truck options and right next to the Kilauea Fish Market. Very well done.

We finally picked up a small piece – the tree, water, and bird portion of this photograph transferred onto a piece of nicely grained Koa wood, sold to us by the artist himself.

All in all, an easy and pleasant way to spend the day.

Oh, yeah, and here was sunrise!

sunrise from the lanai