We are Hard Core!

Late in October 2015, I came across a post-event write-up of the Hard Core Cider Tour in Santa Cruz. My immediate and loud exclamation was “How didn’t I know about this?!?!?”

Determined not to be caught unawares again, I immediately scheduled a to-do item on my calendar to look for the event this August. Happily, it recurred, and Steve and I drove with our cider-buddy Marie down to Santa Cruz this October for a day of sun and cider. The evnt is quite a bit like the Cider Summit in that multiple cideries set up booths and are sampling 2-3 of their varieties at each booth. There were food trucks and a live band, which was a nice touch.

The tickets for the event were a bit more expensive than for Cider Summit, but instead of drink tickets, entrance gave access to unlimited tastings!

This seemed like a very good thing as we excitedly entered the event area; it would seem a bit more questionable as we continued imbibing multiple samples over the course of the afternoon.

Marie downloaded the Untappd app immediately before the event and earned the Take it Easy badge within the first half hour. I call this the Bulk Drinking badge; it’s primarily earned by people doing a tasting event like this. We had a truly great time, but probably should have stopped drinking about 30 minutes before the event closed rather than continuing right up to the end. I didn’t even log my last few samples on Untappd, since I was past being able to confidently assess them.

It was a beautiful day and I heard stories from Steve that I’d never heard before, like the first time he drop a cell phone in a toilet, way back in the late 1900’s, that had me literally rolling on the grass laughing.

Marie going zen and Anne at Hard Core Cider Tour 2016

Marie and Anne at Hard Core Cider Tour 2016

After the event closed, the three of us sat near a duck pond in the park, telling more stories, and listening to Marie go one for about 10 minutes about the differences between east and west coast raccoons. It came to a bit of an abrupt halt when Marie fell into the duck pond during an inexplicable effort to get water to splash on my now-peaked looking face. While Steve went to retrieve her sopping self, I made a beeline to the bathroom a short-distance away to relieve my stomach of some of it’s contents. I later advised Marie that future efforts to get me some cool water would be better received if she had simply gone to the bathroom to get some fresher water minus the giardia.

So much fun! We’ll definitely be back in 2017. The big question is, will we be able to exercise a bit more restraint?