And They Say Women Are Weak

Re/ Why Men Don’t Want the Jobs Done Mostly by Women (NYT)

I’ve got to say, I’m getting pretty sick and tired of this kind of “soft misogyny”. Setting aside for a minute the fact that occupations that employ a predominantly female workforce generally pay less, in and of itself a problem of our society continuing to undervalue and diminish women, let’s think about that “lower status” perception instead.

If you are unwilling to consider re-training for a job with actual stability and future growth potential *for no other reason* than that you consider it to be too feminine or “woman’s work”, and therefore beneath you, then you are too weak, fragile, and outright stupid for the job anyway. You have created your own problem, and I refuse to take the blame for your trouble finding work, or your disdain for my left coast, progressive “elitism” that you (incorrectly) think makes me unsympathetic to your hardships. (This, BTW. This is the shit that tries my sympathies.)

I’m pretty sick and tired of the harder forms of misogyny, too. Someone on a friend of a friend’s FB timeline posted a picture the other day of President Obama in garish make-up, while expressing his happiness that soon Trump will be occupying the White House – at least part-time. Some people called this out as racist, and there probably was some of that in there, too, with echoes of minstrel shows in the rendering. But I saw it much more as misogyny, a view that was validated when said commenter proudly proclaimed it was supposed to show Obama as a “pussy” and as someone’s “bitch”. Because, of course, the very worst possible insult to be leveled at a man is that he’s a damn woman!