Thank you, President Obama

This was me 8 years ago.


The Bush years had been tough. There was Abu Ghraib, Hurricane Katrina, and the first reports of polar bears cannibalizing each other due to lack of sea ice. There was the room full of old white warmongers: Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Darth Cheney. I was on high alert. I had an email distribution list called BushWatch that I used to share horrible news and action items. If you look at my posts from those years, you’ll see a lot of political concerns.

Election Day 2008 lifted a burden from mind, and Inauguration Day was joyous. Obama wasn’t perfect; no one can be. But he was intelligent, dignified, respectful, and funny. He glowed with a beautiful love for his family. He was hope for a kinder, more inclusive, more empathetic future.

Lack of understanding and empathy will never be my failing, so don’t you ever dare accuse me of that. My dark humor may sometimes obscure it, but my level of empathy is sometimes debilitating. My failing. . . Over the last 8 years, I undoubtedly became complacent. And now I am 180 degrees from where I was 8 years ago today. And we all know there is something fundamentally different this time, don’t we?

I’ve got to be honest. I really want to curl up into a fetal position today. I figure I’m allowed one such day, right? But then I thought about another person who would probably like to wish the day away, too. But there he is, up on stage being all dignified (I assume; I’m consciously not watching). So instead, I’m just gonna pull up my big girl panties and finish prepping for our march in Sacramento tomorrow. Sometimes with tears in my eyes, I’m working my way back to Fired Up & Ready to Go!

So, one more time. Thanks Obama.