Do you honestly not recognize the context here?

Timing is key. Comey had few friends on the left. Obama could have fired him last fall, but he didn’t because it would have been a political move. The FBI Director is supposed to be independent and outside the sphere of politics. Trump could have fired him in January as part of his transition, but he didn’t. He waited until now, after Comey has said there is an active investigation, a week after Comey testified to Congress again and asked for more funding for the investigation (according to unconfirmed reports), a day after Sally Yates and James Clapper testified to Congress, and the very same day that Federal prosecutors issued grand jury subpoenas in the FBI’s probe of Michael Flynn’s Russia ties – this looks like anger or fear over the investigation. This looks like interference in the investigation and an attempt to turn the independent judiciary into a politically loyal arm of the President’s office.

It is not hypocrisy to question both Comey’s handling of the email server investigation and also the timing of and motives for his firing. Times have changed, events have happened, and Hillary’s email server isn’t an active investigation anymore. The investigation into Russian ties with key members of the Trump election campaign is.

Do you honestly think Comey was fired because he treated Hillary unfairly, as Rod Rosenstein’s letter states, the letter that was initially offered as justification? The justifications offered have changed several times since then. How would you have responded if Obama had fired Comey directly following the election, after he re-opened and then re-closed the email server investigation, and treated Hillary as unfairly as Rosenstein asserts?