Happy World Cider Day from Oakland!

In honor of World Cider Day, Steve and I headed over to Oakland with friend Marie to sample the offerings at Crooked City. Steve and I had been at the location previously for the NorCal Cider Classic the night before this year’s SF Cider Summit, but we hadn’t sampled the Crooked City ciders that evening. This was today’s focus.

The space has a couple of small drinking and seating areas, and opens into a gallery for local artists. If we weren’t having so much fun, I would have liked to walk through the gallery a bit, but we took up a position at a sofa and table seating area and started talking and drinking and laughing so much that we pretty much only got up to get more drinks and use the bathroom.

Crooked City is a drier cider than I might normally like, but I enjoyed it well enough that I didn’t make my wine face. The ciders available this day were Straight-up Session, Sour Patch, Ginger Bomb, and Yes, Please!

flight of Crooked City cider

My favorite was the Sour Patch, which I might have gotten two full glasses of after finishing my flight. The addition of rock sugar on the rim of the full glass was sublime. Very much recommended.

Sour Patch Crooked City cider

Having completed our homework at Crooked City, Steve had the bright idea to head over to Lost & Found for a follow-up. We had gone there just before Christmas last year when Gowans Cider was doing a special tasting event. The bar maintains one Gowans selection on-tap and we really liked their outdoor patio seating area. Also important in this consideration was that they serve food, which we desperately needed by this point, but which was sorely lacking at Crooked City. Plus, it was only a few blocks away, meaning we could stumble there and back in minimal time.

We each had a couple of the Gowans Macintosh, which isn’t my favorite Gowans variety, I’ll admit, but which is quite serviceable anyway.

Gowans Macintosh Cider

The food, primarily of a heavy hors d’oeuvres nature, was quite pricy and we were all a bit surprised by the final bill, having allowed ourselves to lose track of the arithmetic that comes with each additional item. But we were sated, and the food in our bellies and the walk back to the car helped ensure a safe ride home after a wonderful afternoon celebrating World Cider Day.