Forks, Choices, Priorities, and Reflections

cassady Just thinking about the many forks in the road that have led me to where I am, and I realized how much I have to thank Cassady for me ending up in California. During my senior year of college, I started applying for dramaturgy internships at theatres around the country. There weren’t many offered in that field at the time, but I applied to all I could. My first offer was at a theatre on the Gulf Coast. It was full-time; there was a modest monthly stipend and housing was provided. BUT, I couldn’t bring Cassady into the housing because they were concerned about fleas. So, being young and audacious enough to think something else would come along, I turned them down and hoped for the best.

I was rewarded a few weeks later with an offer from Berkeley Repertory Theatre. The dramaturgy and literary office internship was only half-time and housing wasn’t included (it was for the full-time interns). The monthly stipend was small, but working half-time at the theatre allowed me to get a couple of part-time jobs elsewhere to pay my rent. Best of all – I was able to rent an apartment that allowed me to bring Cassady.

I made my choice that having Cassady in my life wasn’t negotiable, and here I still am, all these years later, in California.