Anne’s New Blog!

Hello Friends! It has become apparent that I am unable to keep up a reliable stream of correspondence (translation: I suck at writing letters). I hope my Web page will work to update everyone about the exciting goings on in my life. With this in mind, the following briefly narrates the most recent trips I’ve been on.

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Here’s a picture of Jesse and me when we went to Universal Studios in February. We were attacked just as we walked into the park by Xena and Hercules. I can’t say much about Xena, but Herc wore A LOT of cologne.

Jesse and Anne with Hercules and Xena

Point Reyes

In the middle of August, Jesse and I stayed in Point Reyes for a weekend. We went to get away for a bit and to go to a wedding reception. For two nights we stayed at the Abalone Inn, a small bed and breakfast. We only had one full day in Point Reyes, but we went to the redwoods and to the beach. Although the day was cloudless and warm when we left the Inn, it got progressively more overcast the closer we got to the beach. When we got there, there was no sign of the sun. We ate at a Café at the beach. I think the fact that it was the only restaurant there, and had no competition, should have been warning enough. Everything on the menu was fried or soaked in butter. Watching the cook pick up a raw hamburger patty, toss it on the grill, and pick up a bun was the Cross-Contamination Special of the Day. Jesse and I both got french fries, but his seemed to have an inordinate amount of miscellaneous fried fish parts. Being a vegetarian, this was not good for him. We both felt a bit ill following our dining experience, but luckily I had a jumbo bottle of TUMS with me to ease the pain.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

After our walk on the beach, we drove to the very end of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. to check out the light house. The most important thing to realize about the Point Reyes Lighthouse is that you have to go down a heck of a lot of steps to get there. More importantly, you have to climb back up them to get away. It has been proven to me that I need to exercise more.

Despite my complaining above, we really did have a great time. And I would’ve beaten Jesse at Monopoly that evening if he hadn’t forfeited because he was too tired to deal with the pain of loss.

Jose and Mandy’s Wedding

On August 29th Jose and Mandy got married and I was lucky enough to be there. It was a beautiful wedding and Mandy looked great. Best of all, I got to see all my friends from college.

Jose and Mandy's Wedding Party

Everyone was there and I’m glad to say no one changed a bit.

Jae and Zack


After the reception was over, a bunch of us Wesleyanites went back to a party in Ken’s room that was sponsored by Mang. Any and all beverages that were left from the reception found their way over to the hotel room, so the party continued for quite a while.

While I was home, I also got to spend time with my family which was great. To top the whole weekend off, on my layover at the Las Vegas airport, I won $30 at the slot machines. All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m glad I spent the bucks to get there. Check out to get a great price on airfares.

I obviously need help thinking up a cool title for my homepage, so. . .