Long-Awaited Summer 2000 Update

I have been a very bad girl! It has been months since my last update. I recently spent most of a Sunday afternoon scanning pictures for the impending update and realized that I was scanning pictures from the Lucas companies’ 4th of July picnic. That was a really long time ago. I have no excuses other than business combined with general laziness.

As I write these words, I am on an airplane flying to Illinois to spend the Christmas holidays with family. Steve, who frequently reminds me I need to work on my webpage, very generously offered to lend me his laptop so I could work on it while en route. And so, I begin. The first page will narrate many of the smaller, miscellaneous events of the last months, but necessity dictates that this installment be divided up into several pages. Near the bottom of the page, you will find a list of links for easy navigation through my activities of last summer and fall.

Things have been pretty quiet with my own beasties, but my cat page has been updated and includes more kitty pictures. Please click here to visit this section.

Music Concerts

This summer, Steve and I were lucky enough to go to two big name, double-bill concerts. In both instances, we much preferred one act over the other, but at least we liked the same half! In July we went to see Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, the tickets were very expensive. The premium seats were running $125 each. Steve thinks they were counting on the aging baby-boomer crowd. We sat with the teaming masses on the Lawn. Before the show even began, a scent arose the likes of which I hadn’t smelled since college. I’ll leave you to guess what odor it might have been. Paul Simon was on first and he was awesome. The little yellow speck that we saw from the lawn puts on a great show.

After the intermission, Paul came out again to sing The Sounds of Silence as a duet with Bob. It was a very odd thing to watch because Paul was keeping a very close watch on Bob. Almost as if he didn’t think Bob knew the song well enough to trust him with it. And I have to say his concerns seemed justified. After Paul left the stage, we had the very surreal experience of hearing Bob Dylan, ummm, sing. I had heard the jokes about the unintelligible nature of Bob’s recent singing voice, but I had not realized just how bad it was. He was singing songs I know, songs that I sing along with when listening to his Greatest Hits CD. But I had absolutely no idea what the man was saying! Steve and I couldn’t help but laugh and feel we had entered some strange dimension. The pictures of Paul really show nothing more than a small yellow dot, but we did manage to get of picture of the two of us together.

Anne and Steve at the Paul Simon/Bob Dylan Concert

The other concert we went to was Tori Amos and Alanis Morrisette. Steve is a big Tori fan and she was having a concert on his birthday, so I packed an elaborate picnic dinner and we met Aaron and Vera, two of our friends, for the concert/birthday celebration. Tori was wonderful. We weren’t too familiar with her most recent songs, but they were great and she played plenty of older ones as well. Unfortunately, there were several really obnoxious teeny-boppers around us who had really only come to see Alanis and felt it was okay to talk and shout throughout Tori’s entire set. Kids these days, I’m telling you!

Alanis was second in the line-up and she wasn’t too good. She basically just paced back and forth furiously across the stage. She kept her hair hanging over her face so we couldn’t see her face at all. It was very cold by this time and the four of us all decided we could do without the last 20 minutes or so of her set. It was a great time and I think Steve had a good birthday. As usual, Steve managed to take the pictures and stay out of them himself. Sneaky guy. Here’s one picture of me with Aaron and Vera.

Aaron, Vera, and Anne at the Tori Amos/Alanis Morrisette Concert

Steve is not always able to get away without his picture being taken and I caught him on film one beautiful afternoon at Stinson Beach.

Steve at Stinson Beach

Of course, he had the camera at the ready another day when we went to Muir Woods for a walk amongst the redwoods and wildlife.

Anne with bear sculpture at Muir Woods


As you may recall, I was on a company sponsored softball team this summer called the Roswell All-Stars. I did get progressively better over the summer, hitting the ball quite consistently when I was up to bat. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too consistent. I always managed to hit the ball to the exact same spot: directly to the shortstop. Sometimes he would catch it, sometimes he wouldn’t and I’d be able to get to first base. Similarly, as a team, sometimes we’d win the game and oftentimes we wouldn’t. But we always had fun. And an ambulance only had to be called once. Poor Buddy!

For the season-ending tournament, we were scheduled to play a team we had tied during the season. Unfortunately, we were also scheduled to play ball at 9AM on a Saturday morning. I attribute our loss to the fact that we were all asleep. Of course, by losing the first game, we were eliminated from the rest of the tournament. But that was really okay. Steve and I went home and took a nap and learned an important lesson that day: sometimes to lose is actually to win! At least we got a team photo taken.

The Roswell All-Stars Team Photo

Good-bye, Jeremy

This fall, my department at work was forced to say goodbye to our boss, Jeremy. We all hated to see him go, off to a dot-com in the City that takes so many friends and co-workers. On the plus side, we got to have a party. With a big cake!

Jeremy with the big cake

Anne cutting the big cake

Summer of self-improvement

In addition to the many and varied activities of the summer, I also did a few things that I am pretty proud of. First, I took a swimming course at the YMCA. Steve and I have been talking about taking a trip to Hawaii after his game is done, and he likes to go snorkeling and the like. I certainly want him to do what he wants to do, and I don’t want to be the prissy girlfriend. Plus I want to have fun, too. But I never learned how to swim. My parents enrolled me in classes at the Y when I was young. The very first day, they made me put my head under the water and blow bubbles. I never went back. So, at 24 years of age, I signed up for adult beginner lessons. The first day of class, my instructor made me put my head under the water and blow bubbles. But this time I was adult enough not to run from the pool crying. That shows real growth, I think! With the help of goggles and a few weeks of lessons after work, I earned the much coveted Certificate of Completion! Ooh! Ahh!

YMCA Swim Class Certificate of Completion

Secondly, I started working out three times a week at the gym. We have a little fitness center at work and it only costs ten dollars to get the key. That’s it. When Business Affairs moved downstairs this summer, we wound up right across the hall from the center and I had absolutely no excuse not to go. And I am actually going M/W/F at lunch.

The final act of me is a class I just recently finished through the UC Berkeley Extension. My ultimate goal at Lucas is to work in the Research Library at the Ranch. In this pursuit, I spoke with the head librarian up there to ask her what kinds of things I should do to make myself better qualified for a researcher position. Outside of getting a Master’s in Library Science, she suggested a course in online and Internet research. So I took one. Much of the stuff was already old hat to me, but I did learn some good stuff. And I have the credential now. Yes, I passed. Of course, now I’m actually thinking about that Master’s. I have to speak with Ms. Librarian again to see what she thinks about the programs, but I found two ALA certified programs that can be completed entirely over the Web. Sounds good to me.

Well, that does it for the miscellany of the summer. I do hope you will take the time to visit the other sections of my Webpage and read about the rest of my activities.

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Coming Attractions:
Ice skating at Embarcadero Center, Christmas with the family, and much, much more!