Summer of Sun

Once again, this last summer was just chock full of activities, making it ever so difficult to update my webpage in a timely manner. Here’s a (brief) account of the highlights.

Lucasfilm 4th of July Picnic

I went to my second 4th of July Picnic at Skywalker Ranch this year. While I still had a good time, I can certainly understand why people who have worked at Lucas for many years no longer view the picnic with such excitement. It was kind of like stepping back to last year for the day. It’s true. You really can set your watch by the egg toss!

At any rate, we played the egg toss again this year. Of course, this year the egg broke in my hands, getting gooey yolk all over me. I decided I should get back at Steve for that so I proceeded to wipe my hands on his shirt. After doing so, I felt pretty bad about it as he tried to wash it out. But, really, he deserved it. Right?

Ah well. I also engaged in battle in the tug-o-war. It was fairly strange this year. There were five women’s teams. Two of the teams lost their first battle and didn’t tug again. Our team won our first battle, but lost the second.

Tug-o-War team

Anne at the front of the Tug-o-War team

Finally, the teams that had won 2 previous tugs, duked it out for first and second place. But, when the ribbons were handed out, the “officials” only gave ribbons to the first and second place teams. We waited around a bit for them to decide on presenting the third place ribbons but nothing happened. Finally, I asked the ribbon guy what was up. He told me that there hadn’t been enough tugs to declare a third place winner. After a bit of discussion (I can be pretty persuasive), he said he would let us do another tug if we could gather the teams together. Of course, by that time, most of the teams had dispersed and there was no way to gather them all. I asked him about the team scores, who had won how many, etc. After walking away a few times, he finally realized I wasn’t going away (I can also be very persistent).

So, he grudgingly looked at the sheet and saw that ours was the only other team to win any of the tugs, so, technically, we should get the third place ribbon. Throughout the whole of this, he was really pretty grinchy, as if he didn’t want to give anyone the ribbons and I was just a pest (I really can be a pest). But, finally, he gave us our ribbons. Of course, I felt like a huge whiner, but my teammates were very grateful. It just didn’t make any sense. I mean, the ribbons are printed with “23rd Annual Lucasfilm. . . ” on them. Was he hoping to save them for next year? Whatever. I got my ribbon!

Scottish Games

Once again, Steve and I went to the Scottish Highland Games at the Dunsmuir House this summer. Nothing has really changed since my descriptions of last year. However, I have this priceless picture that I believe speaks more than I could ever type in support of my raging testosterone theory. Here you go!

Caber toss!

Marin and Sonoma County Fairs

Boy, we really did do a lot of the same things this summer as the previous one. But county fairs and bull testicles never get old, I say!

To begin with, the Marin County Fair was, again, over 4th of July weekend. It consisted of the same Funnel Cakes, cheesy Carnival rides, and fireworks to frighten the hell out of the ducks as last year. However, this year the Fair also had Pig Racing! Cook’s Racing Pigs had hourly races in which four piggies would be released to run around a small track to find the ice cream at the end. The pigs were very well treated and were allowed to eat all of the food they wanted, so they weren’t racing because they were hungry. They were racing for dessert. Their trailer was also air-conditioned or heated, depending on the weather. Once the pigs grew to adulthood, a good many of them were sold inexpensively to 4-H groups. We won’t discuss what happened to the others.

Before each race, everyone in the crowd could bet on which color pig would win. It was all for free and, if your color pig won, you got a ribbon! It was the best thing at the fair!

Racing Pigs

Racing Pigs

While we were there with our friends Jonathan and Casey, we also went into a cute petting zoo where Casey communed with the wallaby.

Casey with a wallaby

The next month, Steve and I drove up to the more traditional Sonoma County Fair. Again we snuggles with the hosses and watched the bull judging. And we ate too much. The cutest pictures from the event were of this Cletus of a goat we encountered.

Cletus the goat

Cletus the goat

We do have fun at the fairs and I do not doubt that we will go to them again. Hopefully, we will continue to encounter a few new things each time, along with the old, so that my narratives will not become, shudder the thought, boring.

The Roswell All-Stars

As unbelievable as anyone who knows me may find this, I was the captain of the Roswell All-Stars last season. The Roswell All-Stars is the name of our Lucasfilm Softball League team. I will say that I improved quite a bit since last year. I hit the ball nearly every time I got up to bat.

Anne at bat

And, in my moment of crowning glory, I actually caught a fly ball! I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to do with it at first, which was, of course, to throw it to second base. But I CAUGHT the ball. And Steve was a great pitcher for the season, often incorporating a little stragety into the game.

Steve pitching

Steve pitching

On the down side, The Roswell All-Stars had a perfect season. We never won a game. But, boy, did we have fun trying!

The Roswell All-Stars