Suprise, Surprise!

The second event of our long Columbus Day weekend was a surprise 40th anniversary party that my brothers and I threw for our parents. My parents knew Steve and I were going to be in town; the reunion was our alibi. The “plan” was that we were going to meet my brother (Gg) and sister-in-law (C) for dinner at a local restaurant. It was my responsibility to be sure that my parents did not arrive at the restaurant before 6:00.

This was quite challenging. First of all, I drove to my parent’s house from Bloomington, breaking land speed records as we went. So we got to my parent’s house a bit earlier than expected. My mom suggested we call Gg and see if they could come a little earlier than 6:00. My dad said he thought they were busy doing something that afternoon and couldn’t make it before 6:00. As with many moments in the preceding weeks, I was sure my parents were on to us.

Then my mom thought that we should get to the restaurant early to put our names in so we wouldn’t have to wait for a table once Gg and C got there. It was time for drastic action. With a mere 45 minutes before we were supposed to leave for the restaurant, I pulled the “where’s all my stuff from college?” routine. I headed downstairs to rifle through boxes of old crap, frustrating my mother no end.

My mom started making noises that we needed to get going, even suggesting that I might be being a little insensitive and rude to potentially keep my brother waiting. Finally, it was within 5 minutes of when we needed to go, so I gave in and off we went. I spent the entire drive nervously looking at the clock, terrified we’d get to the restaurant too early and see guests in the parking lot.

Fortunately, all of the guests got there early and my parents walked in to a complete surprise. We had managed to get contact information for a variety of my parents friends, my aunt and uncle were there, and my other brother (Gf) who lives in Florida was there, too.

The event went just perfectly; I couldn’t have hoped for better really. Here are my parents cutting the cake.


When we got home that evening, I gave my parents a gift I was really quite excited about, and I can’t recommend this company highly enough. My parents were married something like 3 or 4 months after they met. (Scary) It was a small affair and they didn’t have a professional photographer. So, I had a few faded, 40-year-old snapshots. I sent these to myDaVinci and they created a wonderful 8×10, framed, hand-drawn portrait from one of the pictures. (We went with the DaVinci sketch.) My parents finally have a wedding picture to hang on the wall. And Steve and I are thinking about having one of our own wedding photos drawn. Really, if you are looking for a great gift idea for a special event, myDaVinci is a great choice. (And, no, the real picture does not say myDaVinci across the bottom.)


So, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you enjoyed the party, ’cause I don’t think we’ll be able to pull off a surprise like that again.