A Photo Tour of Northern Illinois

Having completed our tour of Tennessee, it was only fair that we keep the camera at the ready for our trip to Illinois. Let the snarky comments ensue.


I’m sorry, but what does this even mean?


You can barely see the joke here, but Steve insisted on taking this picture. In real life, it is one I-DOT worker working while 2 other workers watch him. Steve has a history with Illinois road construction. . .


This place has been here for years. Why bother going to Las Vegas?


Ah, I used to love eating freshly fallen snow.


Everyone, even the cops, drives like the speed limit is 65 anyway (so somewhere between 70 and 80). Keeping the speed limit on the interstate so low just makes criminals of everyone. Which, I suppose, is appropriate in Illinois. . .


As Blago said, “If they don’t perform, f*** ‘em.” (page 33)


Ah, the proud Illinois plains state farming tradition.