What’s next? A pedicure?

A couple of weeks ago, a young raccoon came in to WildCare after being stuck in a garbage can with her sibling for at least a week. The trash can had accumulated several inches of water during a rain storm. Unfortunately, her sibling died in the can.

By the time she was found and brought to WildCare, she was emaciated, cold, and shivering so badly she was almost having seizures; the pads on her paws had been rubbed raw from her attempts to climb out of the can. She is small, approximately 5 pounds on intake, and was a very late season baby last year, probably born in August. At this age, she and her sibling should still be with their mother.

After spending a week in a flooded garbage can with a dead sibling, she was absolutely filthy. Last Sunday, after a week of good meals, she was much stronger and stable enough for a little clean up.

In spite of her small size, she’s still a formidable raccoon so she needed to be anesthetized before we could safely risk bath time.