When Lack of Focus Becomes the New Normal

Re/ 2017, Word Counts and Writing Process (John Scalzi on his Whatever blog)

It’s not just writers believe me. One thing I’ve recently noticed is that my lists of things to do, the lists that used to help me focus and get things done, the lists I used to cross half off of by lunch, now feel overwhelming. I’m not even talking about hard lists. I’ve needed to call to make an appointment with the eye doctor for 2 weeks now. I just finally crossed it off my list. Yay me!

I’ve even contemplated looking for a research job with an NGO/policy organization because then, at least, the distractions would be the things I was supposed to be concentrating on. Although, even then, the org would probably want me to focus on one area, like the environment, or women’s rights, or social justice, or or or, instead of the overwhelming list of *everything* that’s under attack.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s everything, all the time. The author of this post talks about not a week passing without some new horribleness, but it’s more like a new thing every day, sometimes multiple things a day. Maybe that’s why I find it so hard to focus on anything, because my attention keeps getting ripped from one thing that needs to be paid attention to another, and this disjointedness is seeping over into more areas of my life. And I know this is a tactic that may be intentionally used in many (though not all) cases.

Sigh, maybe I’ll manage to call my insurance company today about that prescription issue that came up over a week ago….