Here’s the thing about the rallies and marches taking place on Saturday: There are tons of them, more than one in every state in the nation. We already had plans to be in Santa Cruz that afternoon. Bummer, I thought initially. But then I saw there’s a rally in Santa Cruz that morning; we’re heading down early so we can join that one. So, show up at one.

Because here’s the other thing: children who were taken from their parents still haven’t been reunited, and many may be permanently lost in what served as “the system”; there is no guarantee that separations won’t start again; and the current policy is locking these families up with a strange definition of “together” (in the same warehouse), in crowded cages, without sufficient access to basic hygiene, in conditions we would consider animal abuse when seen at a puppy mill.

The policy reflects a calculated economic cost to the taxpayer of an average of $798 a day to imprison a family (2½ individuals), as opposed to $50 a day for an entire family released into a community to receive housing and supportive services, such as connections to attorneys and help getting to immigration hearings, where 93-94% of them show up for their hearings.

The policy also reflects a moral cost that is simply incalculable.

So show up and keep showing up. Do not let this policy define or serve as a reflection of your values.